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Diamond Resort: unique to the world

The Diamond Golf Resort fulfills your wishes and lets you cherish the unimaginable. You are playing golf in a stunningly beautiful environment. You are sailing. You are flying. You are relaxing. It is not just any typical place. But rather under the Carribean sun. On dreamy, pristine white beaches.  And not least - you are in carefully selected company.

Country: Venezuela. Place: Chichiriviche. Feeling: Fascination.

The Diamond Resort is the perfect location for golfers of all levels and for you to pursue your passion. With help from a selected trainer, you can improve your handicap. Or how about flying? With us, you have the possibility to take flying lessons that are internationally required. Or you can acquire a boating certificate. At the Diamond Resort, you achieve your sportive goals; you can take tests in a remote location.

Hardly a golf facility will cast a spell over you like this one will. We are assuming that you will not object to around 350 sunny days of the year and an average temperature of 26 celsius, is this correct? Feel complete and use it for as long as you like:
50 of our own boats are housed at the marina at Diamond Resorts and therefore offer numerous places for sailing guests.
All Diamond Resort yachts utilize fresh water recovery systems. You personally provide this since it is not necessary before dropping anchor and saving on harbor demurrage fees.
Are you looking for peace and relaxation? Would you like to truly breathe and see a calmer world? You will be in an atmosphere of peace and your body will be in divine ambience and your soul will be in harmony.  The Diamond Resort offers a spa that is equipped and designed according to the most up-to-date criteria.
Do you want a vacation for the entire family that will make for a dream vacation? Choose Diamond Resort and have an absolutely wonderful time!  You will reside in luxurious bungalows that are equipped with all amenities imaginable and offer many lavish living spaces
Do you know the fascination of gyrocopters? The Aeroclub of the Diamond Resort provides our club members for interesting trips over 50 Gyrocopter. You can also purchase an internationally recognized flight ticket for Gyrocopter.

You are flying. You are enjoying. The Diamond Resort Aeroclub does all of the ground work for you. The fleet of aircraft coinsists of 50 aircraft from the newest generation. You can use them for charter flights, flight school, scenic flights or business trips. More than 50 Cessnas and 50 Gyrocopters are at the disposal by our club members.  Would you like to acquire an internationally recognized pilot's license for small airplanes and gyrocopters? It can be done. Or you can get flying lessons that are required internationally.

The Diamond Resort will be big and it will be splendid. The breath-taking facility consists of a surface-area of approximately 2.7 million sq. meters. More room for luxury and for all of your individual enjoyment.
Enjoy golf, sailing, flying, spa and family attractions. Immerse yourself in a unique ambience.
Indulge yourself in an unforgettable experience.
Luxury that isn’t for everyone. Luxury for you.

Exclusive living

You will reside in a divinely roomy 5 star bungalow that is equipped with ultramodern technology and was built in an environmentally friendly manner.

Putting in paradise

The Caribbean Sea is within reach, the enthusiasm for golf is so close: Play golf in a location that is unparalleled in the world.

Harmonic wholeness

The facility will leave you enthralled and not just due to the details. Intelligent room layout and short paths will make you feel at ease all around.


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