You are sailing under the Caribbean sun

50 of our own boats are housed at the marina at Diamond Resorts and therefore offer numerous places for sailing guests. All Diamond Resort yachts utilize fresh water recovery systems. You personally provide this since it is not necessary before dropping anchor and saving on harbor demurrage fees.

The yachts were changed out at one time for new ones 5 years ago, without additional costs to the members. New boats are always enjoyed. Do you not have a boating certificate? At the Diamond Resort, you will have the ability to obtain one. Our instructor will safely guide you in obtaining an internationally recognized certificate.


Club members and their privileges.

Diamond Resort bungalows are at the disposal of our members for two weeks. That is in addition to a sport utility vehicle that can be used in the countryside and with a chauffeur.  Plus use of a sailing yacht. The beauty of this is: Your bungalow has its own jetty for the tender of your yacht. You can then comfortably go from your yacht to the bungalow.


Sailing school - Every beginning is simple.

Would you like to learn to sail? You can at the Diamond Resort. Our professional instructor will guide you toward a boating certificate that is valid internationally. You will learn the theory, have practical training and take your exam.


Yacht charter - enjoy without all the effort.

Someone, who is planning a relaxing sailing trip, but really wants to pass on all the work that occurs when boating themselves, will charter a yacht.  Enjoy the sun, sea and air - our trained personnel will see to it that everything goes well.


Destinations for your trip

• Isla de Margarita
• Cayo Island
• Isla la Tortuga
• Ensenada Bay
• De la Costa Bay

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